How To Earn Money By Freelancing? (2021 Guide)

how to earn money online by freelancing

How to earn money by freelancing?

Good question. If you are interested in money-making, then this is excellent thinking. Money is important. You can do tons of things to make money.

But if we talk about online money making, then there are tons of benefits of this. You don’t need to go anywhere, you do not need to invest significant capital, you do not need to invest in the workspace.

You just need to pc and internet connection, and you can start your journey in money-making online.

There are hundreds of ways to make money online like blogging, youtube, affiliate marketing, and more. Freelancing is one of the most popular ways to make money online.

Freelanicnig is very good way to make money online. You can make $1K per month by working 6 hours per day. (These figures may also change)

If you want to earn money by freelancing, then you need to have a skill like photo editing, designing, typing, web development, and more.

If you have a device, internet connection, and any skill, you can think about freelancing.

Before we start the discussion, I have to give an answer to a question. Some of you have not know the exact definition of freelancing. So I tell you.

What Is Freelancing

In freelancing, you work for clients and charge them for giving the services. A person who does freelancing is called freelancer. A freelancer is a self-employed person.

Giving services to clients means doing freelance jobs for clients. Typing, copywriting, web development, app development, designing, editing, voice-over, translation, SEO, and others are freelance jobs.

For example, you make a logo for your client, and the client pays you for this, then this is a freelance job. In which you are a freelancer and doing freelancing.

How To Earn Money By Freelancing?

After knowing that what freelancing is, we can move on to our main question.

How to earn money online by freelancing.

So this is a step by step guide for freelaning.

Step 1. Select your job (skill)

There are lots of jobs to do in freelancing. You have to choose one in which you are an expert. If you already have a skill, then you can do freelancing. And if you do not have any skill, then you can learn it from the internet.

The essential need to do freelancing is to have a skill. When I say skill, I mean a job that you can do for your clients.

These are some popular jobs that you can do on freelancing plateforms.

1. Designing


Designing is a trendy job. Designing is an essential need for brands and websites. Logo designing, graphics designing, illustration are some popular designing jobs.

You can do this designing job. You must need to have knowledge of professional softwares like photoshop and illustrator.

2. Web Development

Web Development

Making a website is not easy. It takes so much effort, time, and money. People hire freelancers for this work. If you know to develop a website, then you can make the websites for your clients.

3. Editing (Video and Photo)


YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms are on boom. People consume video content on youtube and image content on Instagram.

Thousands of social media influencers and brands publish videos and images on social media and youtube. So they hire freelancers to do video editing or photo editing.

If you are expert in photo editing and video editing then you can do this job.

4. Typing


There are various types of typing jobs available on freelance platforms. You can do topic writing, article writing, data entry, image to text, and more types of typing jobs on freelancing plateforms.

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Same like these jobs, there are tons of other jobs.


  • SEO
  • Voice Over
  • Consultancy
  • Programming
  • Digital Marketing

So choose your favorite job to do, and let’s move on second step.

Step 2. Select Freelancing Platform

There are many popular freelancing platforms. A freelancing platform is an online platform where you can find clients and people find freelancers.

You can directly approach brands and people to get freelance jobs. But using a freelancing platform can give you a lot of convenience. Also, freelancing platforms have so many features.

These are some benifts of using a freelancing plateform.

  • freelancing platform can help you to reach to the clients
  • these platforms have an excellent payment system
  • you can get more jobs because people trust these platforms
  • You can easily manage your work

These are some best freelancing sites.

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a top-rated freelancing platform. I highly recommend Fiverr. Fiverr have a brilliant system to connect customer with the freelancer.

You can use PayPal to receive money from Fiverr to your bank account.

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2. Upwork

Upwork is my second recommendation for you. Upwork is a perfect platform. Upwork is a united states based company.

3. Freelancer

I like freelancer because it have a bidding system. Also, freelancer has a separate site for Indian users.

Guru and People Per Hour are other popular freelancing sites.

It is more beneficial to work on a single platform. If you work on more than one platform, then your work portfolio will divide. SO that the client will think you have less job experience.

So only choose one platform. Fiverr is the best choice.

Step 3. Create A Professional Profile

A professional-looking profile is critical. If your profile looks professional, then you will get more jobs. But if your profile will look unprofessional, then you will get fewer jobs.

In freelancing, the biggest challenge is to get the first job. It can help you to get first work if you make a professional.

A good profile can bring the trust of clients on you. So make a profile that looks professonal.

If you want to make a profile that looks professional, then you need to do the following things.

1. Professional Profile Picture

The first thing in your profile that your cleint can notice is your main profile pictire. To take a picture that will help you to look a professonal, you need to do such things.

  • use a good camera that can take high-quality images
  • make sure your face appear perfectly
  • wear good clothes

2. Write Good Description

Description can help your client to know about you and your work in few words. So write a good description that can attract anyone to give you the job.

Simply write about yourself, your experience, and about famous work.

3. Add skills that you know

Add all skills that you know to your profile. It can improve your featuring and ranking in Fiverr search.

Like if you do designing, then you can add logo designing, graphic designing, youtube thumbnail designing, illustration, poster designing, and photoshop as your skills.

4. Other things

If you have a certificate and education degree, then it will help you a lot. So if you have, then add them to your profile.

Step 4. Make A Portfolio

The portfolio is basically is a sample or list of your previous work. Imagine you are a logo designer, then you can make some logos and show them to your clients as samples.

If you had done lot of work in perivius time then you can add them to your portfolio.

A portfolio plays an important role in your freelancer life. A portfolio helps your client to know about your work, work quality, and work experience.

So make a portfolio that can easily grab clients trust. If you grab the trust of the client, then it will help you to get work. If you work well then the client will prefer you every time.

To make a good portfolio, you need to do such things. The large number of work in the portfolio will help a lot. And always add top-quality work to the portfolio.

Step 5. Create Good Gigs

Simply gig is about how much you charge for doing the job. It is basically is the profile of your work. A gig contains the answers to these questions.

  • How much do you charge for service, or how much do you charge per hour?
  • Which special thing you give to your client?
  • Much much time will you take to do delivery?

Wait For First Job

After doing all things, you have to need to wait for your first job. It is hard to get your first job quickly because you are new, and your profile has no ratings. So it is important to have patience.

Profile, skills, portfolio and gig always biggest role. These are things that can help you to get your work first time.

Make a profile that looks professional, make a good portfolio, create an attractive gig and add skill so clients can find you easily.

I hope you like this article and it will help you to earn money by freelancing.

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