How To Make Money By Blogging In India (2021) | Step By Step

How To Make Money By Blogging

Want to know how to earn money by blogging in India? Then you are at the right place. After a few minutes, you will know the process of making money through blogging.

Earning money by blogging is like a challenge that you are going to accept. If someone says that blogging is easy then don’t believe it.

To get success in blogging you need to invest time, hard work, smart work, and some money. But it is not enough.

So what is the most important thing to get success in blogging?

“This is patience”

Keep in mind: Most bloggers don’t get success in a few months. It takes 1 or 2 years to become a good blogger and more years to become a specialist.

So keep patience and work on a blog.

How To Make Money By Blogging In India

This is a beginner’s guide. This is a step by step guide for starting a blog to monetize a blog.

1. Select a profitable niche

What is a niche: Niche is a specific topic and you write articles on your blog related to this topic. That type of blog called a niche blog.

What is a profitable niche: The niche on which you can make a profit from your blog.

Some Popluar Niche

  1. Finance
  2. Blogging
  3. News
  4. Tech
  5. Banking
  6. Health
  7. Fashion
  8. Travel
  9. Food

And like that you can think about more.

If you have an interest in a niche then you can make a blog on it.

Most niches are profitable if you can find the best way to monetize the blog.

2. Make a blog

Making a blog is very easy. You only need a domain and hosting and you are ready to launch your blog.

Best Blogging Plateform: WordPress

Yes. There are a lot of blogging platforms like Blogger, Wix,, Medium, Tumblr, and more. But I only recommend wordpress.

Why I am recommending you wordpress:

  • WordPress powers more than 30% percent of websites on the internet.
  • WordPress is very popular so you can easily get wordpress tutorials on blogs and youtube.
  • WordPress is free CMS (but you need to buy hosting and domain).
  • A lot of themes and plugins available for only wordpress.
  • Easy to use.

You have to buy hosting and domain from others. After that, you can use WordPress on it.

Best Hosting: You are a beginner and you are starting a blog with 0 traffic. Therefore you do not need to buy cloud or dedicated hosting. You can buy a shared hosting that is affordable. When your blog starts getting high traffic then you can migrate your blog to another hosting.

These are some best hosting for beginners.

  1. Hostinger
  2. GreenGeeks
  3. BlueHost

And you can buy a domain from namecheap.

You do not need to spend money on another thing that you need to make money from blogging.

You can use WP astra theme and you can use W3 total cahce for free.

This is a a-z guide for starting a blog: How To Start A Blog

3. Write blog posts

Writing blog posts (means content) is most important to the success of a blog. You will need to write high-quality content on your blog.

It is important to do on-page SEO of the blog post. Content writing is a skill that improves with time. Yoast SEO or Rank Math SEO plugin helps you to write SEO optimized blog posts.

You need to publish posts on your blog regularly.

4. Get traffic to blog

You can’t make a single dollar if you have not getting traffic to your blog. Traffic means the audience which comes to your blog for reading posts.

That is why blog posts are important for getting an audience to your blog.

There are many sources to get traffic. You can get traffic from search engines, social media, forums, and paid ads.

The best way to drive traffic to your blog is search engine. Google is the most popular search engine and you need to focus on it.

To get traffic from search engines like Google, you have to do SEO.

What is SEO: SEO is a practice used to improve the quality of a website to get traffic from search engines.

You can also get direct traffic on your blog. And you also need to pay attention to social media traffic.

Now you need to monetize your blog.

What is monetization: Monetization is the process of converting something into money. In the case of blogging, you convert traffic into money.

Best ways to monetize a blog

There a lot of ways to monetize a blog. So I am discussing popular, easy, and profitable ways to monetize a blog.

1. Affiliate Marketing

What does affiliate marketing means?

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing in which the company gives you a reward for promoting the company’s products.

Example: You have written a blog post about a laptop review. And where possible, you add affiliate links (giving special product links through affiliate networks). If someone buys a laptop from your given link then you will get the commission.

Most of the blogging experts recommend affiliate marketing. The reason is that affiliate marketing does not require a large amount of traffic to make good money.

A lot of bloggers use affiliate marketing and they make money. You can promote affiliate products in posts by writing guides or reviews. There are lots of affiliate products to promote. You can also choose a single product as a micro-niche.

First, you need to join an affiliate network.

These are some popular affiliate networks.

  • Amazon Associates
  • Impact
  • ShareASale
  • CJ (formally known as commission junction)

Some companies run affiliate programs through these affiliate networks and some companies run affiliate programs themselves.

So search for the product name with the affiliate program (example: grammar affiliate program) and you will know which network you have to sign up for.

If your application is accepted by the network then you get affiliate links and banners to promote the products.

Every network has its own time to pay affiliates. So go and read their payment policies.

2. Adnetworks

Ad networks are another famous way to monetize a blog. In this method, you make revenue by showing ads on your blog.

You show ads in articles, headers, sidebars, footers and if someone sees and clicks on the ad, you will get paid.

Adsense is the best ad network in the world. Adsense works with google ads. You can use affiliate marketing with adsense to increase revenue.

These are some best ad networks in the world

  1. Google Adsense (best ad network)
  2. by bing (best google adsense alternative)
  3. PropellerAds
  4. Amazon Native Shopping Ads
  5. PropellerAds

I strongly recommend you to use adsense for showing ads on your blog.

You have to get approval from AdSense to advertise on your blog. It is effortless to get AdSense approval, but if Adsense does not approve, then you can use or other ad networks.

3. Sell Ebooks

This is a very powerful way to earn money from blogging. If your audience trusts you, it is very easy to sell the course to them.

Creating eBooks is very easy. You can make a complete guide on a subject and you can sell it as an ebook.

You can use Google Docs and Canva to create ebooks. I personally recommend you to use Google Docs because it is easy and has so many features.

You can also use canva if you want.

4. Sell Online Courses

Online courses are better than e-books. But creating an online course is not easy. You need to invest a lot of time.

Online courses are better than e-books so you can sell them at a higher price than e-books.

You can create an online course with videos, e-books, templates, checklists and other resources. You can sell them as a course.

You can make the course accessible to people using LearnDash.

5. Sponsored Posts/Reviews

Every brand wants to increase their customers, so they invest money to promote their product through PPC and paid reviews.

In the case of a sponsored post or review, you can contact the brands to make a sponsorship deal.

If traffic is coming to your blog, if your domain authority score is good, if your blog is busy on social media, brands can easily do sponsorship deals.

If your blog is new, you cannot use it.

There are many ways to monetize a blog but these methods are the best. You can make good money with these methods.

Thanks for reading…

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